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Civil War-Verse by Sushi HP/SS

Fic Title: Civil War-Verse
Author: Sushi
All Pairings: SS/HP, SS/LM; SS/NM; SS/GW; SS/multiple OMCs, HP/OMC, RW/HG, SB/OFC, RL/OFC, BW/OMC,. GW/OMC; PW/OFC
Rating: NC-17+
WIP/Complete: Complete
Link: Link: or for a chronological listing of all 25 stories in this series.

Content Warnings: Adventure, Angst, Death of Major Character, post-5th-year Sirius as living, child sexual abuse, child neglect, drama, first time, future fic, post-Voldemort, H/C, holiday fic, humor, other original characters, partner betrayal, romance, explicit language, explicit sex, explicit violence, missing scenes, series, under-age sex, Death Eater violence, Death Eater orgies, domestic violence, mental instability, torture, multiple partners, rape, ambiguous consent, voyeurism

Spoiler Summary:

O-kay, where should I begin? The Civil War-Verse is a series of 25 stories of varying lengths set in the years preceding Voldemort's death and the years that follow. This is not a happy series. I cannot stress this enough. There are vivid descriptions of child sexual abuse, rape, flashbacks, domestic violence, character death, partner betrayal, physical and mental illness, incest, Death Eater orgies and enough angst to choke a horse. That said, you really should not miss reading this powerful and brilliantly crafted work. Some of the pieces, particularly the shorter ones that can be found on both Sushi's site and her lj (friends only) are sweet and funny or poignant and sad and utterly beautiful I cannot recommend this series highly enough.

In a nutshell -- Harry comes to see Severus because the pain in his scar is nearly unbearable and he wants to speak to the only other person he knows who is marked by Voldemort. The two former enemies find out they have some things in common and become lovers. The war continues on until Voldemort is dead, but Severus cannot stop spying. He is captured and tortured by the Death Eaters and returned to Hogwarts barely alive. Severus has been working on a modified version of Unicorn blood serum to counteract Unicorn blood poisoning. His heart stops and Pomfrey injects him with the serum to bring him back to life The serum doesn't work the way it is supposed to and over the period of several stories we witness his steady decline as Severus succumbs to Unicorn blood poisoning and becomes mentally unstable. He terrorizes and physically attacks a student and is eventually removed from his job at Hogwarts. Severus refuses to talk to Harry but he writes about his successes, failures and feelings in a journal which Harry reads. Harry also looks into Severus' Pensieve and sees the horrible abuse Severus suffered at the hands of his brother and the Death Eaters. Through the Pensieve, Harry meets Severus' grandmother who was the greatest Potions Mistress of her or any time who was working on a cure for Unicorn blood poisoning before her death. Eventually, because of the poisoning, Severus' Pensieve becomes corrupted and Harry is caught in the Pensieve where instead of witnessing the abuse Severus suffered, he actually changes places with him and is brutalized at the hands of the Death Eaters in the same manner that Severus was. Eventually Severus is able to synthesize a potential cure for Unicorn blood poisoning and steadily gets better although he still has several life-threatening heart attacks. Meanwhile, Harry has nightmares and flashbacks and becomes mentally unstable and physically abusive to Severus to the point where Sirius decides to send Harry off to St. Mungo's for treatment. Neither Harry nor Severus want him to go, but in the absence of a legal marriage, Sirius is Harry's next-of-kin. Using a legal loophole, Harry and Severus marry. Over time Harry does get better and the physical side of their relationship, which had been non-existent for months, eventually returns to normal. There are numerous lovely, short stories that display small slices of their life together until the day that Severus dies. Then in the final installment of the series called "Marching Home" Harry also dies in a Quidditch match from a fall from his broom. He is reunited with his parents and, most importantly, Severus in the hereafter where they live together as happily as an obnoxie pusie and an adipate nothe can be.

Other important details I left out because there is just so much to cover include: Severus' relationship with Emily Vector, a friend and later Head of Slytherin House as well as lover to Remus Lupin; the death of Dumbledore and Severus' reaction to this event; the marriage of Harry and Severus; the annulment of that marriage by the Ministry of Magic; Harry "cheating" on Severus (just a kiss, but would have been more if Harry had the opportunity); Harry and Severus' flight from the Aurors and subsequent return to the house where Severus grew up; the birth of Hermione and Ron's first baby, Ruby, who loves Severus unconditionally; Severus' incestuous relationship with his cousin Lucius Malfoy; Harry arriving at the Burrow at Christmas after Severus, caught in a flashback, hits him; The Happy Dumpling restaurant and Severus' potion making nemesis Sheng; Sirius, Remus, Emily living with Harry and Severus at a re-built Godric's Hollow; and a watch that is Severus' legacy and reason enough all by itself to read this series
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